The Curse Of The Mirror

Bloody Mary Ver 3

Boss Type

Guardian Of Mirrors


Medium~Very High


Strong~Very Strong



Status Effect(s)

Poison, Sleep, Terror


Holy, Strike(Slash), Sound


  • Ghostly Punch, Hollow Scream, Nightmare Spines, Fury Of Horus

Other Boss(es) in Relation

  • Arch Pandara, Reaper

An ancient undead maiden said to have died by having a mirror fall onto her. Defeat her to obtain the highest-quality Crystal!
  — Mission Description 

Bloody MaryEdit

A boss which first appears in Patapon 4: The Dark Secrets

Blood Mary Mirror

Bloody Mary Left Mirror

Attacks and AbiilitiesEdit

Ghostly PunchEdit

She points her right mirror at the Patapons as it glows. A beat later, a black hand punches from the mirror that causes poison and sleep. Can be avoided with PonPata

Hollow ScreamEdit

She bends over to the Patapons while her mirrors shake. 2 beats later, she will scream loudly (similair to the Dodonga family's roar) but causes the Patapons to be "Terrorized" which makes them run around while completely ignoring the beat. You can only use PonChaka-ChakaChaka to defend against the scream, which will also drastically lower the chances of gaining "Terrorized".

Nightmare SpinesEdit

She points her left mirror at the Patapons as the mist underneath her thickens. After a beat, she will throw the mirror at the Patapons as multiple spines burst out of it which causes Poison and Sleep. Can be avoided with DonDon.

Fury Of HorusEdit

She places her mirrors on her hat nearby the "eye". A beat later, a beam of darkness blasts through all the way out even if the Patapons use PonPata. Can only be avoided with DonDon



Her body becomes stained with red tints everywhere as the "eye" tears blood.


She now has an aura that damages anything that come incontact with her as her move speed and power increases

Devil Mary Battle

Devil Mary Battle

Related BossesEdit

  • Devil Mary
  • Accursed Mary


  • She is obviously based on the urban legend of "Bloody Mary", which is said to appear in a mirror after saying her name 3 times.
  • Althought floating, she can still be attacked by melee attacks
  • She takes 2.5x more damage with "sound" attacks and 2x more damage with "strike" and "holy" however completely nullifies and deflects "Light" attacks back at the attacker/caster. She also takes 1.5x more damage with "Slash" attacks when in Berserk mode, however "strike" attacks deal only 0.5x damage when in Berserk.

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