Athroia is a powerful earth Uberhero that is a good building killer, while also dealing moderate damage to enemies.


Athroia can be unlocked by levelling up Backkiller and Taterazay to Lv15.

Athroia's starting level is lvl.30

Athroia's element is Earth. Due to his strong damage to buildings, he can destroy buildings in a few hits!


  • Scythes at unlocking.
  • Clubs at Lv17.
  • Spears at Lv20.
  • Shield and Swords at Lv25.
  • Crossbows at Lv25.

Uberhero ModeEdit


Activate: Pon~Chaka

Combo: Pon~Pon

Athroia shakes the earth to stagger and knockback enemies!

Set SkillsEdit

  • Boulder - Every charge and defense will make a boulder that rams enemies!. Unlocked at Lv20.
  • Defensive Barrier - Every defense will make Athroia's defense rise up! unlocked at Lv25.
  • Peerless Earth - 50% resistance to all status effects.

Class SkillsEdit

  • Shaker - Increases stagger and knockback chance of Uberhero Mode. Fully upgrading this will unlock Trouble.
  • Trouble - Almost every attack will make enemies stagger and be knocked back. Fully upgrading this will unlock Double Weapons.
  • Double Weapons- Allows Athroia to use clubs and scythes together. Fully upgrading this will give you a welcome bonus which is 50% resistance to all status effects.

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