"Inside hell, there reside a lost Tatepon. Lost, he became one with the Akumapons."

- game description

Arachno or simply ArachPon, is a super secret boss that can be fought if beating the mighty Tentakupon to lv. 167.


Currently resembles a Tatedon wielding a scythe and 4 brown spider legs in his back. Not much is known.


Since No one has beaten Tentakupon to lv.167, unidentified abilities currently.


  • Arachnos is the first Patapon mutated.
  • Arachnos has 0% webbing ability.
  • Patapons are not his enemies, unless you attack him.
  • Arachnos is called 'ArachPon' by Meden in Patapon: Negative Patapons .
  • When the 'box' appeared and the Patapons turns to stone, he fled.
  • Uberheroes ever mentioned him once, only to bring bad destiny.

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